FilDA-ESC: Remediation and Re-launch

What happened?

As stated in the last community update, an exploit was orchestrated by an attacker on FilDA-ESC. The dev team identified the root cause and fixed it alongside the Slowmist team. The hacker’s address is being analysed, traced, and added to the blacklist of security organisations and exchanges. All related functions on FilDA-ESC are suspended. FilDA on other chains remains functional.

What’s Next?

It’s our responsibility for the engineering error, and we are taking every measure to ensure 7 incidents won’t happen again. We have come up with a remediation plan to make our users whole and FilDA-ESC liquid again.


1. IOU Token subscription: ~7 days

IOU details

1. The total amount of IOU token is 1.68 million, and the face value of one IOU Token is $1 USD.



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