FilDA Exploit Update 4

1 min readJun 16, 2023

June 16th, 2023: Exploit resolved with no losses for users.

Open for business again

We are pleased to report that all FilDA services on Elastos Smart Chain have resumed. Asset deposits, LP deposits, loans, $FILDA staking and $FILDA LP farms are all fully operational following the attack on our protocol.

Asset retrieval

We were able to retrieve 80% of the stolen funds and the remaining 20% shortfall was covered by the FilDA team and benefactors. Users of our protocol suffered NO LOSSES during this unfortunate incident.

While we are dismayed and sorry that it happened in the first place, we are pleased that none of our users had to suffer personal losses as a result of the greedy, selfish and immoral acts of one individual.

Next steps

We continue to work on the vote-escrowed token utility model planned for release on BitTorrent Chain FilDA, and will let you know when it is ready to go at the earliest opportunity.

About FilDA

FilDA is a decentralized banking platform containing two fundamental protocols:

Banking — Lending and Borrowing assets (based on Compound)
Staking — Locking of assets to earn rewards (based on Harvest)

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