FilDA Monthly Report

Product dynamics:

  • Launched the leveraged lending function on the Arbitrum network and completed the integration with CreDA.
  • Optimized IoTeX network layout and display for the staking mining page.
  • Added the function of switching networks to the v1 version on HECO. This improves convenience for users when switching between our different networks.
  • Support the IOTX-FilDA LP incentive function on the IoTeX network.

Product data:

  • Total deposits and loans: $80,134,769
  • Number of current addresses: 145,202
  • Current FilDA Circulation: 147,977,606 FilDA
  • DAO Pool Stake: 57,639,023 FilDA ($1,280,446.50)
  • CMC market cap rank: 3786
  • Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1728
  • In January, the loan agreement generated interest income: 290,296.56 USDT.

Operational dynamics:

  • On January 10, KingData tweeted an ecological weekly report: FilDA’s on-chain data from January 1 to January 7
  • IoTeX TVL ranked in the top 5.
  • On January 18, FilDA-IOTX liquidity support was opened. FilDA has supported lending services for IOTX, USDT, BTC, ETH and other assets on the IoTeX chain.
  • On January 19, FilDA destroyed 50 million FILDA on the HECO chain.

About FilDA




FilDa is your portal into the next wave of decentralized finance.

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FilDa is your portal into the next wave of decentralized finance.

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