FilDA Monthly Report

2 min readApr 14, 2022


February 2022

Product News:

  • Upgrade the V1 and V2 clearing pages to simplify the manual clearing process.
  • Support HUSD-USDT LP deposits on the HECO network.
  • Deployed and launched on the ESC chain, and opened support for mainstream assets such as ELA, BTC, ETH, BUSD,USDC and HUSD.

Product Data:

  • Total deposits and loans: $ 63,054,721,61
  • Number of current addresses: 145,265
  • Current FilDA Circulation: 154,394,928 FilDA
  • DAO pool pledge amount: 60,082,460.83 FilDA ($ 835,893.30)
  • CMC market cap rank:3577
  • Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1867

In February, the loan agreement creates interest income for users (USDT):

  • HECO :144,741
  • IoTeX :121,971.5

Operational Dynamics:

  • Recently, FilDA launched a cross-chain Elastos Smart Chain network proposal. Community members will vote on whether to enable the cross-chain service of the chain.

  • Recently, FilDA and IoTeX airdrop activities are in progress. Follow FilDA’s official Twitter account, retweet and pin the content on Twitter, like, retweet and @two Twitter friends, join the FilDA Discord channel, fill out the user questionnaire, and select 99 people Divide 2000 FilDA.
  • The FilDA Community Discord channel has been created. Welcome to join for more information.

About FilDA

FilDA is a decentralized banking platform containing two fundamental protocols:

Banking — Lending and Borrowing assets (based on Compound)
Staking — Locking of assets to earn rewards (based on Harvest)

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