ONTO Wallet and FilDA AMA

Could you please explain what FilDA is?

Super quickly — DeFi Lending and Borrowing!

What are the innovative features of FilDA Finance, in comparison to the projects in the same market segment?

Thinking about IoTeX here, but the same tenets exist for all chains we support…

Segment 2 Selected Twitter Questions/Prepared Questions

Blockchain technology is being utilized in many different aspects, data and asset security are important. How does #FilDAFinance protect its platform and how to ensure users’ data security?

What is the main utilities of your native token $FILDA? and how is FILDA liquidity supported? I heard @FilDAFinance is working on new model of tokenomics? What revolutionary init that can boost Project’s Growth?


Could you share your token’s functionality and tokenomics to us?


What are your top priorities towards the end of 2022 and 2023, can you share some plans for the coming year? And What do you think of that makes FilDA more attractive than other projects?


Some investors feel convenience in their favorite chain and want to see their favourite project on that chain someday. Can we expect someday $FILDA is going CROSS-CHAIN, with governance utility and the same value on all chains?


Segment 3 Live Q&A (Handpicked by the speaker during the Live Session)

Q1: Jack Sparrow



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