Shijun Song: Three suggestions for the Cyber Republic

Now that I’m running for the CRC, I would like to put forward three suggestions as my campaign proposition. I invite everyone to take five minutes to read them.

Immediate problems

Yes, we eagerly hope that the CR is able to support the Elastos ecosystem. However, this is an organization whose members come from different regions, have different backgrounds, different languages, different cultures and values, so I can hardly imagine that the CR Council can become an effective decision-making body, nor can it perform the expected core responsibilities in its current form. The lack of effectiveness of CRC has been obvious since its inception.

Which projects should CR invest in? Infrastructure or application? The CR Council is not a professional technical committee. It is difficult for council members to judge what is the infrastructure or what is the underlying technology. It is even impossible for them to know whether a project can play an active role in the Elastos ecosystem.

In response to the above problems, I have three suggestions:

Use DeFi to solve the contradiction of CR costs

CRC cannot act as a "council" but as a "jury"

As for how to develop a specific business and what ecological projects CR needs, these are the job of the project teams. If some teams do not perform well on some proposals, then the CR won’t support them any more.

Provide support for dApps that can provide use-cases for ELA


  1. CR Council should only focus on whether the project is good or bad for the Elastos ecosystem rather than perform the judgement in terms of industry trends, technical expertise, etc.
  2. Distribute rewards to ecosystem development projects

Please feel free to contact me to discuss these suggestions for the CR.

P.S. I want to thank Cassie Zhang. She has played an important role behind the scenes in bridging the differences between the Chinese and Western communities, and the different teams. I had been hesitant to run for Cyber Republic Council before, but finally made up my mind to do so after being inspired and encouraged by her efforts for the community.

Shijun Song

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