The FilDA Report

July 2021

  • TVL: $191.63m
  • Total Deposits & Loan: $306.36m
  • Current $FilDA Supply: 79,935,576
  • Market Cap: $10,899,599
  • Current FilDA Liquidity Pools: 4 Pairs
  • FilDA LP Staking:
  • Current DAO Pool Total: 27.11m $FilDA
  • HECO Node position: 1st
  • Twitter: 22k followers
  • Global (English) Telegram Group: 2,757 members
  • WeChat (Chinese) groups: ~3650 members
  • Third-party investment page now includes the Depth and Booster protocols to expand DeFi opportunities and improve the efficiency for users’ funds.
  • In LuckyHeco activities, NFTs were issued and bonuses granted to overseas communities.
  • Improved deposit exchange function: one-click conversion of deposit and debit positions.
  • Optimized deposit exchange function: support the movement of funds without affecting the loan utilization rate.
  • Huobi ECO Chain reminder service provider WAU Finance has integrated the FilDA add-on. WAU.Finance informs users of liquidation dangers and profit opportunities through email and text message alerts. In addition,
  • FilDA holders with 10,000+ FilDA in DAO get the VIP service for free.
  • FilDA is the top HECO elected node.
  • 100% of FilDA HECO node revenue is currently awarded to voters.
  • FilDA released the Bug Bounty plan.
  • FilDA HECO node voting earned voters an airdrop.

FilDA is a highly secure decentralized banking platform containing two fundamental protocols:

Banking — Lending and Borrowing assets (based on Compound)
Staking — Locking of assets to earn rewards (based on Harvest)

· FilDA Website

· FilDA Twitter and Telegram Channel

· FilDA GitHub



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