The FilDA Report

A monthly report about news and development for FilDA: Secure your own wealth

Product Dynamics

  1. Added support for TUSD asset borrowing and lending.
  2. Supported the Lucky Heco NFT campaign.
  3. Fixed the vulnerability for the Cream attack event.
  4. The lending function for Heco super node voting has been developed and will be released after being audited.
  5. Add MDEX LP pledge and automatic reinvestment interest-bearing functions, develop and release after audit.
  6. FilDA V2 contract beta release for final review, testing and fine-tuning.
  7. V2 front-end developed 60%, expected to be completed in September for deployment
  8. Deployed V1 contracts and validated product processes for Polygon and BSC.

Project data

  • Total deposits and loans:$421,857,444.07
  • Current address number:142,192
  • Current FilDA traffic:91,697,616 FilDA
  • DAO Pool Pledge:33,259,369 FilDA($ 6,345,155.85)
  • HECO node ranking:№10
  • CMC market value ranking:2825
  • CoinGecko market value ranking:886
  • August loan interest income for users (USDT):1,666,077.774

Operational Dynamics

  1. FilDA TUSD lending function added
  2. The world’s leading blockchain project rating agency CryptoDiffer fully affirmed the development potential of FilDA in a rating report on August 16, naming FilDA one of the 15 most underrated DeFi projects
  3. FilDA always adheres to the principle of safety first, in order to build a credible, secure and easy-access lending service platform. In order to further protect the safety of user funds, and improve the level of platform security risk control, the FilDA Bug Bounty is ongoing
  4. On August 19th, FilDA entered into a strategic partnership with the Torum NFT social platform
  5. On August 31st, FilDA and Torum conducted an airdrop campaign from Aug 31st to September 2nd

About FilDA

FilDA is a highly secure decentralized banking platform containing two fundamental protocols:



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