Wau.Finance — Loan and Interest Rate Notifications for FilDA.io

We are delighted to announce that our DeFi notification system for FilDA on the HECO Chain has officially launched.

We hope that WAU Finance can reduce liquidations and reveal profitable opportunities for users by sending notifications by email and SMS when:

  • The loan utilization rate changes more than 2% within 5 minutes

Please Note: We are still implementing text message services for China-based phone numbers, email only for those users at the current time.

The VIP service can be accessed by signing up for a one-week trial, or by buying a subscription package.

The VIP price plans are:

  • 1 month: 9 USDT

We have created a simple guide on how to set up notifications:

Setting up Notifications on Wau Finance

Go to https://wau.finance to try it out for yourself.

All the best

WAU I/O team

This is a third party service provided for FilDA users by Wau Finance



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