December 2021

Product Dynamics:

  1. Destroy 10 million FILDA on HECO chain and reduce the HECO emission rate.
  2. FilDA on IoTeX network is officially launched — deposit and loan mining starts. At present, TVL has reached 16 million USD.
  3. On-line deployment on the Arbitrum network, and cooperation with the CreDA project is underway…

Song Sjun, FilDA co-founder, lays out a comprehensive strategic layout of cross-chain DeFi

  1. It is understood that the entire community is very excited about FilDA 2.0’s launch. Can you give you a brief introduction to FilDA 2.0?

FilDA is a WEB 3.0 asset bank. After 11 months of operation, FilDA…

In Telegram today, 10th December 2021, we welcomed IoTeX to speak with us as we prepare to launch on their mainnet

We were pleased to welcome Art, Head of Growth for IoTeX, to our chat group where he answered the following questions:

  • The whole community is very excited about FilDA coming to IoTeX. Can you give us a brief introduction about IoTeX?

IoTeX is a fully decentralized project but our core…

October 2021

A monthly report about news and development for FilDA: Secure your own wealth

Product Dynamics:

  1. Adjust the upper limit of the loan quick-select options to 90% in order to guard against the risks of volatility.
  2. Improve the FilDA 2.0 pledge lending page.
  3. Support multi-chain switching mechanism.
  4. Update the oracle contract…

FilDA 2.0: Striving to create a safe global multi-chain lending ecosystem

As the first lending project on HECO, FilDA was very honored to help the chain grow its DeFi opportunities. Now live for nine months, since launching in January 2021, FilDA currently provides loan services for 23 cryptocurrency assets. Peak TVL has exceeded $2.1 billion USD, and interest earned has exceeded…

September 2021

A monthly report about news and development for FilDA: Secure your own wealth

Product Dynamics:

  1. Added TUSD-FILDA liquidity incentive pool
  2. Added ELK Airdrop Active Pool
  3. Updated LP Price Predictor
  4. To address the current high volatility in assets, the maximum front-end loan utilization rate was changed from 99 per cent to…

A new partnership between FilDA and Elk accelerates the new era of comprehensive cross-chain DeFi services

FilDA is currently preparing to deploy on new chains (inc. Polygon) and, to encourage this cross-chain ethos, we are pleased to be working with Elk Finance to bring cross-chain solutions to our communities.

What is Elk?

Elk seeks to address fragmentation across blockchains. Currently, there are dozens of L1s and L2s that, make…

The banking (lending and borrowing) protocol on is a revision based on Compound. It allows users to deposit supported assets and earn interest on these deposits (lending), and also allows users to use their deposited assets as collateral against loans of supported assets (borrowing).

Each loan is over-collateralized, this means you must deposit more than you borrow. Loans have no time limit for repayment, require no credits checks or divulgence of personal information and borrowed funds are instantly transferred to your connected wallet. Once in your wallet they are wholly yours.

Liquidations can occur…

August 2021

A monthly report about news and development for FilDA: Secure your own wealth

Product Dynamics

  1. Added support for TUSD asset borrowing and lending.
  2. Supported the Lucky Heco NFT campaign.
  3. Fixed the vulnerability for the Cream attack event.
  4. The lending function for Heco super node voting has been developed and will be released after being audited.
  5. Add MDEX LP pledge and automatic reinvestment interest-bearing…


FilDa is your portal into the next wave of decentralized finance.

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