A simple step-by-step guide to getting started on the FilDA platform

Moving assets to the Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) is a process that requires some preparation and information. This is a new area in DeFi and will likely evolve in time. There is a step-by-step guide at the bottom of this article.

The first requirement is setting up a MetaMask Wallet on your browser. (This is a browser extension — Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave are supported).

In order to use the wallet, you will need some Huobi Tokens (HT) in your MetaMask wallet. This is used as ‘gas’ for…

Following a community question about staking opportunities for FilDA, we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of the current staking and liquidity mining options away from FilDA.io

Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for with one of our partners…


Extreme market conditions (19 May 2021) provide “big test” for DeFi ecology.

According to DeBank statistics, the total settlement of on-chain loan agreements reached a record high of $614 million on the day of the market collapse, with Venus liquidating more than $250 million of loans on the BSC chain. Venus also generated $100 million in bad debts as a result of malicious manipulation of the market.

The extreme market conditions severely tested the risk control ability of loan providers. Compared with Venus on BSC, FilDA on HECO demonstrated a more stable performance, liquidating funds of about $5 million on the same day, with no bad debt. …

Now that I’m running for the CRC, I would like to put forward three suggestions as my campaign proposition. I invite everyone to take five minutes to read them.

Immediate problems

I have to admit that, from the beginning, I have never agreed with the Cyber Republic (CR) governance mechanism, which is a beautiful concept but not efficaciously operable. For example, since the assets managed by the CRC are ELA, and the CR council members are ELA holders, some of them do not want to release the ELA locked in the CR to the market. Burning or locking ELA is in the…

In the Huobi ECO Chain environment there are many options for DeFi enthusiasts. FilDA is positioned as a leading lending and borrowing provider for DeFi users, and has chosen to partner with other HECO projects to increase the use-cases for FilDA tokens through LP staking, leveraging, and lending/borrowing/governance rewards.

As FilDA matures it is creating further opportunities for users to further utilise and control their cryptocurrency portfolio; be it for long-term investment, speculation, savings, spending, or more.

Here are a few details about what is currently being developed by the FilDA team:

  • Flash loans

These are a form of uncollateralised…

Earlier today, 29th April 2021, Robert from Crypto Bulls, hosted an AMA with Greg, a member of our social media team.

Robert CM — Hello, I am a representative of the Bull crypto community

I’m glad to have this meeting with FilDA, Our goal is to get acquainted with FilDA 😇

We have a number of questions that we want to ask the FilDA team and our goal is to get acquainted with FilDA 🙌

Greg — Excellent. I’m here to answer the best I can.

Robert CM — Can you tell us about yourself?

Greg — I’m a community volunteer and help with social media including Twitter and Telegram. …

Earlier today, 15th April 2021, Kamran Akbar, from Crypto Eagles, hosted an AMA with Cheyenne, a member of our operations team.

Here is a curated transcript of the main points covered during the AMA:

Kamran Akbar First of all, please introduce yourself and the Core concepts of $FilDA.

Cheyenne: My name is Cheyenne and I am a member of the FilDA team operations team. I am mainly responsible for community operations and marketing. If you have any questions about the community, please feel free to contact me. Our team includes a technical team and an ecological operation team.

FilDA has…

Please Note: You must ensure you understand the risks of liquidity mining, including impermanent loss, APR, APY, and potential liquidation risks if you’re using loans.

Once you have asset tokens you wish to use for mining available in your HECO-compatible wallet, along with some Huobi Token (HT) for gas fees, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your HECO-compatible wallet on FilDA.io

FilDA, the world’s first HECO-based decentralized, cross-chain lending platform, is excited to announce that it is using the market-leading Chainlink Price Feeds live on HECO mainnet. By integrating Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network, FilDA smart contracts now have a tamper-proof, accurate, and constantly up-to-date source of on-chain price data available directly on HECO. FilDA uses these price oracles to determine collateralization ratios, trigger user liquidations, and calculate interest rates.

We selected Chainlink as our go-to oracle solution because it’s the most time-tested oracle network in the blockchain industry, already securing over $14B in USD value for many leading DeFi applications. Importantly…

With the DeFi space growing at an exponential rate, security has never been more important. Here at FilDA, we are taking every measure available to ensure that your funds are safe and secure.

Security Features & Processes

FilDA has passed audits by three security companies: Know Chuangyu, Fairyproof Security, SlowMist Technology

Professional security technical consultants, providing FilDA with exclusive BAT-level services, are available 24/7

FilDA uses world leading digital asset protection technology, comprehensive defence against DDOS+CC attacks, and a cloud protection cluster system: successfully resisting tens of millions of attacks

Real-time attack locating is in place, an emergency warning system is enabled, and guaranteed…


FilDa is your portal into the next wave of decentralized finance.

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